I LOVE a good story—everything from heroes saving he day to the underdogs overcoming adversity. But the grandest, most humbling, and awe-inspiring stories are about LOVE. My job as an event planner goes beyond that of organizing timelines and placing centerpieces. Sure, all of that will be designed down to the T, but my passion is bringing your love story to life and to enfold your friends and family in the romance and enchantment.

Working in the corporate world, I’ve planned everything from corporate retreats and non-profit galas to award ceremonies for the entertainment industry, but sometimes the corporate world is a little limiting. I find it particularly fun and fulfilling to pour my excess creativity and quirky aesthetics into wedding events. I enjoy finding the perfect spot to first meet couples to learn and become friends, like that one sweets boutique with the best ice cream (who love desserts?), or that restaurant with the perfected crème brûlée (did I mention I love desserts?). It’s my personal goal to make sure the entire wedding planning experience is fun, enjoyable, and romantic for you as possible. This will be a story you tell your grandchildren, a tale you will look back on that will still tug at your heartstrings.
It’s my honor and joy to be a part of the beginning of your happily ever after. <3