Gloria Lee

I’m the other Gloria: lover of all things neon, and a survivor of chronic wanderlust. I enjoy playing football, the rain, playing football IN the rain, music festivals, ice cream, mm… ice cream. And of course, weddings! I started with CCL in 2013 and have never looked back. Planning weddings was unbelievably far from what I ever thought that I would be doing, but my passion for it continues to grow every day through the different relationships I’ve been fortunate enough to make.

Weddings are times where all come together to witness two becoming one. They begin a life of washing each other’s dishes, getting irritated with the open toothpaste caps, and dying to themselves daily, while also having the privilege of growing in patience, joy, and understanding of the greatest love relationship in the universe. Marriage is beautiful and as a wedding planner, I am absolutely honored to be at the start of our couples’ lives together as one.