Jenn & Daniel

Catherine C. Leo… We can’t say enough about her to convey how perfect she made our wedding, how much stress she took off of our shoulders, how big her heart is for her clients, how much personally invested she was in our wedding, and so much more. From the first conversation to the last, we realized that wedding planning/coordinating is not just her job. It’s her passion and she loves every bit of it, and she loves people!

Going into wedding preparation, we had no idea where to start or how much went into planning for a day like this. I really was a clueless bride and an indecisive one too! But from the start, Cat was so patient and even helped me sort through my own confused little mind…figure out what I loved, didn’t like, and really helped me put together a theme and a vision for my own wedding. She always worked so hard to include any detail that I fell in love with and really made it my dreeeaaam wedding. Show her a handful of pictures of what inspires you, what you love in certain pictures, and that’s all she needs to know for her to draw up a vision for your wedding and get all her ideas rolling (if that’s what you need from her that is– I sure did). I also loved and appreciated her honesty about what would work, wouldn’t work, and whether what I had in mind would work with the budget. That’s an important thing to have in a good planner– honesty! Another great thing about Catherine is she will get as involved as you would like her to. There are brides who like to be very involved in every bit of the planning, and then there are brides like myself who was looking for someone to trust to take care of a lot of things without me there all the time. She jokes ’till this day that we were one of the most trusting couples, handing her blank checks to take care of payments and certain purchases we just did not have time for. I remember my fiance at the time even told Catherine “pretend it’s your own wedding and just do whatever you want, Cat!” Haha. All this to say, that is how much we trusted Catherine. Catherine really goes above and beyond for her clients, and that is something we heard about her before even meeting her. She really does. Catherine was the best investment we made for our wedding, and we honestly would have paid more, especially looking back at how much she did for us. I miss the constant communication with Catherine– she’s so great about emailing, responding to questions, concerns, etc! Believe it or not, I even appreciated the emails that others may perceive as nagging emails to take care of something. I really needed that. Haha! Plus, it goes to show how on top of things she is that she has time to write her clients reminder emails to take care of certain tasks that are important. And I was kidding about the nagging, she doesn’t nag (she’s the most patient person EVER), but expect many emails in your inbox! :) With all this said, if you hire her, please be good to her! She works too hard for her clients to be receiving anything but to be treated with love and respect.

It’s been 4 months since that glorious day and we still get comments on how beautiful our wedding was, how perfect it was. And I am still in LOVE with all the details of our wedding. All her hard work got our wedding featured in “StyleMePretty” as well, which was amazing! We are proud to say that Catherine was not only an amazing planner to us but someone we now call a good friend. We recommend her to anyone with no hesitation–she’s an amazing planner but an even more of an amazing person.