Lia & Andrew

la_wed_072I cannot say enough about Catherine and her team; mere words will not justify her production. She is first-class, a visionary, accessible, a queen and her domain: details, and hopefully now, someone I can call a friend (after the hell I inflicted upon her during the process from start to finish). Despite this, her level of service never waned and made it a priority to power through. Catherine was always helpful, available, comforting when needed, and never forgot the bigger picture. God bless her.

Thank you Elizabeth as well!

I think the best compliment we can offer is the universal sentiment among our guests: “That was the best wedding ever!” Undoubtedly, all her clients and their guests probably felt exactly the same way which is a testament to her and the customized experience she provides each client.

“Standard” or “generic” is not in her vocabulary nor is cutting corners. Each couple’s workflow varies but she will adapt and most importantly, keep you on track. My wife and I didn’t have many suggestions of our own so she took it upon herself to assess our story, personality, style, etc. and ran with it.

Every couple’s story and circumstance is unique and she’ll do everything in her power to convey it. Absolutely zero regrets from me and my wife.