Mimi & Jon

MIMI-JON-424Catherine, 10/12/13 will remain in our hearts and minds as the most magical, wonderfully amazing, and happiest day of our lives. I replay the day in my mind over and over again and it feels like a dream. They say that nothing in life is perfect and despite all the complications you faced on that day, to us, you and your amazing team at CCL made this day PERFECT. You navigated us from day 1 and delivered the most amazing first day as husband and wife. As we embark on this journey together, the initial stepping stone that you have created for us is beyond what we could have ever imagined and I can’t imagine the journey for the rest of our lives to be anything shy from amazing. From our first meeting, I knew that this wasn’t just a job; it was a passion and a love that is just so full and so great. You seriously went above and beyond to make this day about us. Your presence alone exudes this passion that you want to give your clients THE BEST. I felt it from day 1 and throughout the 7 months and it was proven on the day of our wedding. Words really cannot exemplify what a huge blessing you have been in our lives. Thank you for being you, Catherine. Thank you for your love, passion, and dedication in everything that you do – it has made all the difference. We love you so much.