Sandy & Jon

Catherine was the best decision that Jon and I had made for our wedding. Jon and I instantly knew after our first meeting that we were in good hands. We quickly learned that Catherine truly cared about our wedding being the best reflection of us. Our wedding was planned for about 14 months. As most couples would stress, we were completely relaxed and assured throughout the ENTIRE 14 months. Our wedding was the best day of our lives and we will forever be grateful for the job that Catherine and her team did in turning our dreams into a reality.

Jon and I had a very “ambitious” wedding in mind. We weren’t sure if it was even possible to execute some plans. Details such as a Fried Station, Smores Station, and a Grilled Corn station were a few to name that Jon and I envisioned for our wedding. Luckily, Catherine was able to create everything for us perfectly that our guests continue to praise us today!
Catherine was professional, polite, and timely. Most importantly, she was cognizant of the budget that we had set. We trusted her completely in every single detail.

Besides our planning process being amazing, the day of the wedding was also spectacular. Jon and I felt completely relaxed and enjoyed every minute. We knew that there wasn’t anything that Catherine couldn’t handle. The overall flow of the wedding felt complete and calm. Because I was so satisfied with the wedding itself, Jon and I were able to fully concentrate on each other. We both fell in love all over again as we became one family. It was amazing to celebrate with our friends and family in a wedding that was the perfect reflection of us. Our friends have not stopped complimenting us that it was “the best wedding they have ever been to!”

Lastly, Jon and I are so grateful to have gained a friend. My favorite process of it all was that we met someone amazing. Catherine exudes someone that is selfless and passionate about life. Jon and I always left our meetings feeling completely inspired. She deeply cares for people and it easily reflects in her work. When you have a planner that cares about you, your wedding will turn out to be personal and intimate. I honestly miss the wedding planning process because it was extremely fun working with Catherine. I highly recommend her for all your events.