Tina & David

My husband and I would like to preface the review by stating that for any bride-to-be, it’s a very, very wise investment in general to hire a wedding coordinator/planner. We knew a day-of coordinator would be essential so that I could “let go” and fully enjoy the wedding day without getting caught up with logistics and being approached by vendors throughout the day. I wanted to enjoy the moment with my husband and, without distractions, celebrate with family and friends. At first, my husband didn’t feel the need to pay a lot for a wedding coordinator. Now he does not regret hiring a coordinator.

Of all the potential coordinators we could’ve hired, Catherine was the best match for me. I was looking for someone who was just as “A-personality type” as me, detail-oriented, organized, creative, and positively “obsessive” as I am. There was something with my initial phone consultation with Catherine that made her stand out compared to everyone else (and the other coordinator I was debating to hire seemed great as well). I knew I could trust her completely.

My husband and I agree that Catherine was the best investment of our wedding dollars. She quickly adopted my vision for the wedding and helped make it into reality. Through the entire process, she provided constructive feedback and practical ways to incorporate my ideas in the most cost-efficient way possible (because we wanted to be strategic and mindful with our budget, and she completely respected that). She not only is very talented at coordinating but she’s well versed at designing weddings. She has a true eye for what looks good for particular themes. Though Catherine might be considered “young” in wedding industry standards, she has a lot of insight and such great relationships with many vendors. Vendors speak positively of Catherine, and that speaks volumes about her as a professional in this competitive industry.

Catherine eased the never-ending chaos of wedding planning by keeping me “ahead” of everything in terms of organization, by making sure I did not miss a single detail and helping me to finalize my wedding day timeline and anything else I needed to complete well in advance. Our client meetings during the engagement process were opportune to brainstorm, finalize details, and get to know each other. Because of Catherine and her organization and assistance, I was able to spend the two weeks prior to my wedding to focus on my family and personal details. Catherine makes herself happily accessible to all her clients. The big difference that distinguishes Catherine is that I knew she regarded my wedding as just as important as I did, which makes her a trustworthy professional.

While it is important how helpful Catherine was during the engagement, what really matters is the day of the wedding, right? For the week before the wedding day, she was very organized and kept me on target to make sure she had everything she needed. She made sure to understand how I wanted every detail to be laid out. She coordinated the rehearsal efficiently while also making sure everyone knew their roles. She brought along a team of capable assistants for the day-of. Catherine’s coordination resulted in not one vendor approaching me that day. Catherine and her team took initiative to ensure the day went smoothly. The entire wedding was seamless. She didn’t have to, but I had an after party after the reception and… as sweaty and tired she must have been after the wedding, she happily came to the afterparty to make sure everything was going smoothly and stayed with us until my husband and I left our guests. I felt completely at peace with having everything in her and her team’s hands.

I can attest to the fact that Catherine is an amazing coordinator. She is energetic and passionate about wedding celebrations, and that is reflected in her attention to detail and the quality of work she produces for her clients. If you want an adept coordinator you can completely trust with your wedding, it’s Catherine.