Yina & Jeremy

This seems to be a common theme in Catherine’s reviews, but my fiance (now husband!) and I always talk about how hiring Catherine was hands down THE BEST decision we made for our wedding. I feel like I could ramble on and on about how great she was but I will try to keep this somewhat short and narrow it down to these highlights:

1) We were 100% stress free during the entire wedding planning process. We knew everything would be taken care of because Catherine would constantly provide a detailed checklist of all the things we needed to do. AND if you are lazy about some things like me and don’t feel like putting in the time and effort to do some of the tasks (like finding a guestbook) you can just tell her and it will magically appear before you on your wedding day! ;)

2) We were 100% stress free during the wedding itself. I cannot tell you what a huge difference it makes to have a coordinator on the day of your wedding. Thanks to Catherine and her assistant Liz (who was also amazing), we were able to socialize with our guests, have fun, and relax with the knowledge that Catherine and Liz were somewhere out there, running around, whipping all the vendors in shape, and making sure everything was running smoothly. In fact, both the groom and I received several comments on how calm we seemed on our wedding day.

3) Catherine had several tricks up her sleeve that actually helped us SAVE money by hiring her. She did a great job of cutting costs at the right places in order to allow room to splurge a bit in others to deliver the perfect outcome within our budget.

4) Catherine was so responsive with emails and gave us so much attention, it made us feel like we were her only clients and she was dedicating all her time and effort to creating a dream wedding for us. I am always shocked when I look on her blog and I see all these other beautiful weddings that she has been working on because I really cannot imagine how one person can do so much!

But despite all those things, the one thing that truly makes Catherine stand out from the rest (besides her super-human energy… seriously, WHERE DOES ALL THAT ENERGY COME FROM???) is her genuine passion and love for what she does. Catherine, thank you for being you.