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December 3, 2015

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The Owner and Creative Director at CCL Weddings! Welcome to the blog, our space where our team gets to share with you all the incredible events and installations that we have designed throughout the years! 
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We’re always a fan of fun, quirky and colorful details so when a couple allows us to do what we do best by incorporating such details into a wedding, we’re on it faster than you can say “I DO!”

Eunice and Michael’s May 2015 wedding was such a treat for us to design and plan. The palette of colors marigold, poppy and deep teal was such a fun wheel of colors to work with. The couple also requested to incorporate tid bits of their nicknames they are known by into the wedding– robot and dino! The groom, a talented graphic designer, designed all the paper goods with the most adorable collection of symbols, icons and emojis based on the things the couple loves. We were able to tie in these exciting details throughout the wedding to create one awesome wedding and dance party!

Have you ever asked your bartender for a hug or a high five? Eunice and Michael’s guests sure have! The specialty drinks at the bar were named “Hug” and “High Five” so the question of the night was “Can I get a hug/high five?”  Even the drink orders were fun to hear and even more exciting when the bartenders actually gave the guests a high five.

An outdoor reception took place at the Unique Space LA with long tables and centerpieces with maiden hair fern plants, centerpieces with lots of greenery and protea, painted wood blocks with succulents and (the best part) painted dinosaurs! Eunice and Michael’s wedding had the perfect colors and personality that epitomized “fun!”

Thank you so much, Eunice and Michael, for allowing us to be a part of your creative journey with you! It was so humbling to work with a couple with such a strong love for each other, family and church. You guys are seriously dino-mite! Looking forward to our dinner dates and future escape room shenanigans!

Enjoy the photos from Max & Friends Photographers.

The TEAM that made this wedding possible:

Venue: Unique Space

Wedding Planning and Design: CCL Weddings & Events

Photography: Max & Friends

Videography: David Rho

Catering: Tulsa Rib Co.

Rentals: Town & Country

Photobooth: GC Photobooth

Cake: Jennifer Chung – Friend of the Bride

Dessert: Quenelles

Stationery Design: Groom

Florist: Designer Dana Lee

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