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December 15, 2020

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I think it’s safe to say that none of us expected what came of 2020. COVID-19 definitely affected our wedding industry and many others, but what it did not affect, was love. Many of our couples found ways to adapt to a temporary “new” normal – whether it be coming to a difficult decision of postponing a wedding, or deciding to lessen their desired guest count and keep the date that they had planned. Truth is, each and every one of our couples are rockstars for braving through such a crazy year and making “lemons” out of it in their own unique way.

We had the honor of being a part of some micro and socially distanced weddings. Although the guest counts were smaller, the cheers and blessings throughout the day were just as huge as any 200 or higher guest count wedding! All in all, a wedding day is a day where your closest friends and family come to honor the union of a special couple regardless of how big or small the number might be.

Everyone’s perception of safety during this time is different, so as planners, we want to make sure that the couples’ guests feel safe throughout the event. Our couples made sure their guests were protected by supplying beautiful masks and also individual hand sanitizers for them to take. Although there are minor adjustments that are added onto a socially distanced wedding (like masks, washing hands frequently, hand sanitizing), it does not take away from the beautiful moment of the bride and groom saying “I-do” to forever!

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