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CCL Weddings & Events was created on the foundation that each and every client deserves an event that truly exemplifies their personality and style. With that goal in mind we have provided hundreds of clients with personalized and impeccable personal and wedding coordination, planning and design services to help bring their dreams to reality. Our hope is to tell your story through creating thoughtful details throughout the event that give your guests a little peek into your world. In short, we want your event to be so spectacular that everyone will leave with full hearts/tummies and amazing memories. Whether you are throwing an intimate party for 10 or a lavish 1,000 person event, we are here to work with you to create everything you can imagine and more!

CCL Weddings & Events is located in Southern California and available to create magic throughout the US and Destinations Worldwide.

Catherine Leo

I’m Catherine! Lover of all things, creatures and people. I used to be a mascot turned mascot coach, which is why I absolutely think dancing ridiculously is a must. I love thrill seeking and adventuring with my high school sweetheart husband and Pekingese named Charlie Chaplin Leo (my dog and the real Charlie Chaplin share the same birth date). I’m a new mother to our darling daughter, Lucy Joy, who we named after Lucille Ball.

Starting CCL in 2008 was a dream of mine since I was 14 years old. I’ve been living this dream thanks to all our clients, amazing team and talented vendors we work with for every event. I’ve had many #pinchmemoments doing what I love day in and a day out. Can’t wait to chat with you to discuss how CCL can be a part of your next event!

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Maggie Li

I LOVE a good story—everything from heroes saving he day to the underdogs overcoming adversity. But the grandest, most humbling, and awe-inspiring stories are about LOVE. My job as an event planner goes beyond that of organizing timelines and placing centerpieces. Sure, all of that will be designed down to the T, but my passion is bringing your love story to life and to enfold your friends and family in the romance and enchantment.

Working in the corporate world, I’ve planned everything from corporate retreats and non-profit galas to award ceremonies for the entertainment industry, but sometimes the corporate world is a little limiting. I find it particularly fun and fulfilling to pour my excess creativity and quirky aesthetics into wedding events. I enjoy finding the perfect spot to first meet couples to learn and become friends, like that one sweets boutique with the best ice cream (who love desserts?), or that restaurant with the perfected crème brûlée (did I mention I love desserts?). It’s my personal goal to make sure the entire wedding planning experience is fun, enjoyable, and romantic for you as possible. This will be a story you tell your grandchildren, a tale you will look back on that will still tug at your heartstrings.

It’s my honor and joy to be a part of the beginning of your happily ever after. <3

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Carren Upasani

I LOVE PLANNING EVENTS, especially weddings! It all started when I became class president freshman year in high school. I was in charge of everything from pep rallies to homecoming dances. All of this made me fall in love with event organizing. What really solidified my love for planning elegant events was taking charge of prom both junior and senior year and it got me interested in planning weddings!

I started to intern for a wedding company and loved every aspect of it! I love meeting with couples and getting to know them on a personal basis to create the wedding of their dreams. I always strive to make sure every couple is taken care of from start to finish, and love creating the timelines to make sure that every task is crossed off the checklist! Seeing everything fall into place the day of the wedding is one of my greatest satisfactions. Family and friends coming together to celebrate the couple’s special day brings a HUGE smile on my face! I always feel privileged to have the opportunity to take part in one of the most important days in a couple’s life: their wedding.

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Ashley Sun

Weddings are the greatest type of event there is. From the choice of venue to the choice of music; it all ties into who the couple is and why they love each other. I came across this path because I had a passion for planning events. The fact that something can be just a thought, and then turned into an actual creation, amazes me. The reason why CCL Weddings & Events is important to me is that each wedding truly captures a special essence of the couple. Each wedding is such a joy because dreams can really turn into reality. When it comes to weddings, there really isn’t a limit of creativity that comes into play, and I love every step of the process.

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Gloria Yi

Nothing is greater than love! With that in mind, how awesome is it that I have the privilege to partake in one of the most memorable moments in a couple’s life?

How did I stumble upon this path – you might ask? After completing a three-month internship program at a special events company, I finally had a clear vision of what direction I wanted to dedicate my life (work life) to: the special events industry! Not long after, I met Catherine and truly, madly, and deeply fell in love with coordinating weddings. As an individual who thrives in a creative environment and believes there are no boundaries to one’s imagination and dreams; I can confidently say that being part of fulfilling the wedding of a couple’s dreams brings me great joy!

It is truly a blessing to be a part of CCL Weddings & Events team.

I commit to putting forth only my absolute best – of course, all in the name of love!

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Gloria Lee CARTER

I’m the other Gloria: lover of all things neon, and a survivor of chronic wanderlust. I enjoy playing football, the rain, playing football IN the rain, music festivals, ice cream, mm… ice cream. And of course, weddings! I started with CCL in 2013 and have never looked back. Planning weddings was unbelievably far from what I ever thought that I would be doing, but my passion for it continues to grow every day through the different relationships I’ve been fortunate enough to make.

Weddings are times where all come together to witness two becoming one. They begin a life of washing each other’s dishes, getting irritated with the open toothpaste caps, and dying to themselves daily, while also having the privilege of growing in patience, joy, and understanding of the greatest love relationship in the universe. Marriage is beautiful and as a wedding planner, I am absolutely honored to be at the start of our couples’ lives together as one.

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Christina LEE

From the moment I coordinated my first wedding, I knew I would be doing it for a very long time. I love everything about it- from the initial steps of envisioning how the wedding would look to planning out each minute by minute detail for the day.

However, aside from all the details, I believe the best part of wedding planning is seeing two people who love one another make a commitment and share a happiness that cannot be put into words. I always look forward to seeing the groom’s initial reactions to when the bride walks down the aisle, it always brings a smile to my face. It’s amazing to see this day be transformed by each couple‘s unique style and quirks. I absolutely love seeing what they envision come together to create such a special day.

I am so thankful to be a part of CCL Weddings & Events! I only feel more blessed to be a part of something where I knew we share the same vision and passion for all things weddings.

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Connie WONG

Growing up in a family-run restaurant business, customer relationships, fast-paced working environments, and the constant aroma of tasty food with warm company have all become second nature for me. These elements drive my passion for weddings and events! Since I was young, I knew I had a knack for organization and planning, an eye for all things gold, glittery, and glamorous, and a true excitement for bringing good food and even better company together.

While studying Business Administration at the University of Southern California (USC), I began cultivating this passion when I joined CCL Weddings and Events. I love that weddings bring people together, from all different places, backgrounds, cultures – no matter the relationships, memories, or ties to the happy couple – only for one thing…to eat, drink, and be merry in the name of love! I am a lover of all things celebratory – any excuse to eat, dress up, and boogie! When I’m not working as a financial analyst by day or assisting weddings by night, you can find me grubbing off of Jonathan Gold’s 101 Best Restaurants List, on Space Mountain at Disneyland, marathon training or yoga posing, or playing fetch at the park with my Belgian Shepard, Beignet.

I am thrilled to have found my passion coordinating events that lets my business expertise shine in a creative, personal context. My enthusiasm, energy and precision ensure that all of my clients experience not just a joyful, unforgettable celebration, but also the warm and professional service they deserve as they plan their BIG DAY.

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Carol Lee

It’s a party that’s dedicated to 2 people who have so much love for each other that they’ve invited their nearest and dearest friends and family to celebrate with them. And when I witness all of the unconditional love and happiness from the celebration as I help the pair have one of the most unforgettable day of their life, I can’t help but love LOVE. It’s love that drives my passion to be a wedding planner. I would rather create the party than be in the party. And I have this need to organize everything and anything. #makesmehappytoseeyouhappy

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There are very few things more beautiful than two people committing their lives to one other, and as a wedding planner I not only get the pleasure but also the honor of witnessing promises made and sealed on that glorious day! Coming from an IT marketing background, my newfound love for wedding planning came by a rather pleasant surprise. A couple years back, Gloria Lee would always talk about how amazing CCL Weddings and Events was, and I started getting curious about what this team was all about.

What’s great is that our team knows how to conjure up magic to translate dreams into reality. It is all very exciting because that’s exactly how many marriages begin as well: hopes and dreams of spending the rest of your life with that one special person turning into a reality at “Yes, I do!”

Thank you so much for choosing us to be a part of your big day!

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Danielle Dagampat

Hi! My name is Danielle and I am an extroverted introvert. On my spare time you can catch me playing sports, studying at a cafe, or “trying” to eat healthy and living an active lifestyle. Along with giraffes, ice cream, and street tacos, I love spending time with people and listening to their stories. Everyone has an interesting story to tell and although I may be bit awkward, I enjoy building relationships and investing in others. It’s always the best when worlds collide and people are able to come together to celebrate something joyous.

I would much rather be in the background of planning a party than actually be the life of the party. I’m the type of person who loves being organized, creating google docs to plan, and making lists to check things off. I also love being creative, doing diy projects, and paying attention to the little details. One of my love languages is serving others and being part of the CCL team is the perfect opportunity for me to do all these things while serving others on their special day. I am so blessed to be part of a team that impacts that lives of others and brings joy to such a memorable and unforgettable day. The laughter, joy, and memories that events bring put a smile on my face every time.

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Hi! My name is Jessica and I’m a big softie, major foodie, proud plant mama, and Jesus lover! My friends would describe me as someone who can’t help but see the positive in all situations… and as someone who tells terrible jokes. Some of my absolute favorite pastimes would be listening to 80’s music, finding great thrift stores, and making late-night taco runs!

For as long as I can remember I carried such a fascination with weddings and events. I enjoy the meticulous planning and organization behind making events comes together flawlessly. Yet even more than that, I love that I’m able to help create a celebration that brings all the important people in your life together under one roof.

Working with CCL Weddings has been a dream come true – Cat always encourages us to dream big dreams and go past limits that have been set by our industry. There’s never a dull moment and I’m lovin’ it!

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Herro! I’m Jessica. I love all things quirky, crunchy, and funny – I think one of the best feelings in the world is laughing so hard that I’m tearing up, can’t breath, and feel like my stomach is gonna pop! I have a crazy funny family who I enjoy spending time with because they make me laugh like this =D

I like looking for and watching insane mukbangs while I’m cuddled up with my cat and a bag of chips. I am definitely a homebody, but always day-dreaming about my next travel destination.

If I’m not at home, I’m usually at the gym (burning off all the bags of chips) and compiling my list of where all the best french fries are. I also love grocery shopping!

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I LOVE getting people together to celebrate all of life’s treasures, great and small! I don’t take no for an answer and it brings me so much joy to see happiness in others. I want everyone to have a good time, no matter how mundane or exciting the activity is!

Event planning has always been a dream of mine, but it wasn’t until I started becoming a bridesmaid for a few of my own friends that I realized how much I loved weddings and every aspect that goes into planning a successful wedding. My friends joke that I minored in “bridesmaidology” in college and that “27 Dresses” was written about me, but weddings are the perfect place where my passion of organizing and gathering people can seamlessly come together. From the beginnings of a love story to the creative vision to the collaboration of vendors and finally the celebration of the Big Day—wedding are my favorite and most rewarding working experience! Working with CCL Weddings Events has been a dream come true.

*click the photo for fun details about Carol!

Jessica Lee

Hi! I’m Jessica and I am a lover of life. I am a super big dreamer and I always choose to look at things on the bright side. I love to run, travel, eat – and my time is always better spent with the ones I love.

Aside from that, one of my ultimate favorite things to do is gather people together to celebrate. Whether it may be a birthday party or a simple get together, I love planning events down to every last detail. Working with CCL weddings is an absolute dream! Catherine (#bestbossever) always inspires and encourages our team to explore our imaginations and create events that are extremely enjoyable and meaningful. Because she has such a big heart for people and what she does, it moves me to work and play in the same way. And I wouldn’t have it any other way!

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Hi, I’m Skye a.k.a. CCL’s #fontgirl! I’m a chronic doodler, closet bookworm, and food/coffee/ice cream/boba enthusiast. I’m consistently inspired by design, especially that of God the master creator, and love to explore and travel. I appreciate things that are clever and admire hard work.

There’s something special about personalizing things for someone because it’s always better when it has your name on it or when it comes in your favorite color. CCL allows me to take my love for customization and creativity to a larger scale. Whether it’s small, handpicked details or large, illustrated backdrops, they’re able to tell a story unique and personal to each wedding or event. Hope we can create something awesome together!

*click the photo for fun details about Skye!


If I could pick only one passion for life … it would be People! I love meeting new people, I love spending time with the people I love, I love sharing meals with my favorite people; basically everything I love about life would not be the same without the PEOPLE I care most about. For the people I love, I have always been the one to plan all our gatherings and parties. Since I can remember I have had a passion for getting people together for any occasion (big or small)! I love every part of planning and seeing what I’ve envisioned come to life. After planning enough events for my friends and family, I was able to start doing the same for my own clients. Luckily enough, as much as I love planning events, I’ve learned over time that it is also what I am best at doing. There is nothing else I could imagine doing as a career. Helping clients walk through what is often described as a stressful process and making it a fun and enjoyable process is what I live for! In my opinion, weddings are the greatest event there could be! A celebration of two people coming together to become united as one, surrounded by all the people they love to witness and celebrate this promise. There is nothing that sounds better than that to me and I am so grateful to be a part of such special celebrations!

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We at CCL Weddings and Events thank you for giving us the opportunity to do what we love.

Since 2011, we have proudly donated a portion from each service package to various non-profit organizations as part of our commitment to giving back to our community and the world.

These contributions are donated on the behalf of every individual couple to organizations that reflect their desires. If a couple does have a preferred charity or organization in mind, we are always more than happy to entertain suggestions.

Additionally, weddings incorporate many beautiful items that we do not want to waste! If the couple decides not to keep décor items from their wedding, we are more than happy to sell the item(s) and donate the funds to a non-profit organization. We also offer to donate and deliver “used” floral arrangements from the wedding to local shelter(s) for continued enjoyment.

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